June 3, 2018

Jet Ski Orientation

Getting all members to be proficient in handling our jet ski and understanding the northern area topography.

Northern Island Orientation programme

$150 per trainee

Northern Island Orientation jet ski riding for 2 hours.

All equipment and lifejackets provided.

Prerequisite: Participants must hold valid PPCDL/ Port Limit Steersman license

Once completed this programme, you will be given the exclusive privilege to do bareboat-chartering for our jet skis!

The Jet Ski – Northern Island orientation programme consists the introduction to the topography of Northern Islands, fundamental of jet ski maintenance, operation and safety emergency drills

Program Structure:

Pre-Departure Planning
o Weather, Tides, Wind, Current
o Routes and Waypoints
o Safety check

o Identifying landmarks and hazards in the Northern Islands

Jet Ski Handling
o Rules of the Sea
o Weight distribution
o Speed and throttle control
o Avoiding debris and obstacles

Man Overboard

Berthing / Unberthing
o Berthing alongside and onto a pontoon
o Unberthing alongside and launching from a pontoon

Emergency Situation Drills
o Engine failure
o Choked impeller
o Automatic Identification System (AIS)
o Capsize

Rope work
o Towline rope
o Berthing rope work

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